A command-line interface project for an Advanced Topics in Python course from Udemy.
Tools Utilized: Python

The purpose of this project was to map the relationships of two people based on locations they've visited in the past. It's used to find similarities between people, like a social network would in order to recommend potential new friends.

GRAPH = {}
def make_link(Graph, node1, node2):
    if node1 not in Graph:
        Graph[node1] = {}
    (Graph[node1])[node2] = 1
    if node2 not in Graph:
        Graph[node2] = {}
    (Graph[node2])[node1] = 1
    return Graph
social = [('Jill','New York'),('Jill','Toronto'), \
          ('Jill','London'),('Jack','France'), \
          ('Jack','New York'), ('John','Berlin'), \
          ('John','London'),('Jacob','New York'), \
for (x,y) in social: make_link(GRAPH, x, y)
def short_path(G, node1, node2):
    """ Return the shortest path from node1 to node2"""
    dist_from_start = {}
    stackoverflow = [node1]
    dist_from_start[node1] = [node1]
    while len(stackoverflow) > 0:
        current = stackoverflow[0]
        del stackoverflow[0]
        for neighbor in G[current].keys():
            if neighbor not in dist_from_start:
                dist_from_start[neighbor] = dist_from_start[current] + [neighbor]
                if neighbor == node2: return dist_from_start[node2]
    return False
print short_path(GRAPH, 'Joan', 'John')