An example for the PR team for pulling in user-generated content from social media. Using the IFTTT service, they're able 'like' photos on other social channels, which will pull them into a catch-all Tumblr account that feeds into the primary website.
Tools Utilized: Tumblr API, jQuery, Ajax, JSON

Knowing the posts would only ever be images, I kept things simple with just an ajax call for the posts:

  url: "[tumblr name]/posts?api_key=[api key]",
  dataType: 'jsonp',
  success: function(info){

The rest is just appending each post to a pre-styled grid, then, for effect, fading the images one-by-one into view:

var postings = posts.response.posts;
var text = '';
for (var i in postings) {
  var p = postings[i];
  var image =[0].alt_sizes[2];
  text += '[image wrapped in the URL to the individual post]';
$('#tumblr ul').append(text);
thumbnail.each(function(i) {
  $(this).delay((i++) * 100).fadeTo(200, 1);